Sorry for the late post. I am currently working full time at another job and I am having trouble figuring out how to still have time and energy to work on projects when I get home. Nevertheless here are my other ideas thus far.

Final Betwixt Icon Selected Final Betwixt Icon Selected Final Betwixt Icon Selected

They are very basic. This is mainly showing the difference between a solid black or grey background, some different fonts, and various shading differences. I cycled through a fair portion of the different texture scripts for the background but nothing beyond the cubes of the original look anything close to decent. I am a little concerned that this style is not all that uncommon, so I want to make sure I can do something to make it different.

My hope is to find a font that will make the icon stand out more. That is mostly what today’s post is about. If you have any suggestions for good free fonts that might work well here, please put them forward. I have found a couple of free for use ‘B’ examples that I think might work.

Amethysta Anonymous Pro Anton Cousine Dosis Exo Flamenco Gentium Basic Glass Antiqua Iceland

Another aspect of the final image I wanted to mention is that for T-Shirt and other such productions we’ll be going with a duo-tone icon. In two weeks I’ll also be posting along with the final version, a copy of the duo-tone version so those receiving T-Shirts or Bags will have an idea of what to expect.

As I mentioned in my last post, any comments will take high precedence in influencing our final decisions. So, please raise your voice. I’ll see you in two weeks, when I post the final version of the Icon. Thanks again for your support.

I’ll be sticking with this base theme, but going in a couple of minorly different directions for the next two weeks. On July 13th I’ll be posting another entry here on the FLB blog showing my new designs. I’ll make sure it gets posted on the Kickstarter update page and the forum, so everyone gets a chance to see the ideas. At this point you can provide any final input you have, regarding which design I should focus on. Any blog comments will heavily influence our direction, so make sure to watch for the update. We’ll likely not do another round of voting unless a fork in design occurs.

After that I’ll be finalizing the focus and completing any further design adjustments needed such as a duotone version for t-shirts and bags. My current plan, is to have all imagery for Betwixt finished and a final posting about it to happen on the 27th of July. After that I’ll be getting all of the ‘loot’ completed and sent off (this is not including final completion of the project). Current loot delivery date is going to be sometime in August - September.

Thanks so much for your patience. We’ve been really glad that so many people took part in the name selection and icon voting. See you in two weeks.

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