Hey everyone, this is @pythonliving. Now that final icon voting is complete and our winner announced I’ll be working on finalizing the icon image. As everyone knows the new icon selected was a basic black box with slightly curved corners and a B in between two brackets [B].

Final Betwixt Icon Selected

I’ll be sticking with this base theme, but going in a couple of minorly different directions for the next two weeks. On July 13th I’ll be posting another entry here on the FLB blog showing my new designs. I’ll make sure it gets posted on the Kickstarter update page and the forum, so everyone gets a chance to see the ideas. At this point you can provide any final input you have, regarding which design I should focus on. Any blog comments will heavily influence our direction, so make sure to watch for the update. We’ll likely not do another round of voting unless a fork in design occurs.

After that I’ll be finalizing the focus and completing any further design adjustments needed such as a duotone version for t-shirts and bags. My current plan, is to have all imagery for Betwixt finished and a final posting about it to happen on the 27th of July. After that I’ll be getting all of the ‘loot’ completed and sent off (this is not including final completion of the project). Current loot delivery date is going to be sometime in August - September.

Thanks so much for your patience. We’ve been really glad that so many people took part in the name selection and icon voting. See you in two weeks.

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