Rachael’s made a number of concepts for a logo, which I’ve included below. If you have any ideas for a logo to use for Betwixt please send it our way or post it on the forums. I’ve pushed (I know, yet again) the voting for logo concepts to June 12th. So get them to me by Monday and I’ll make sure it’s included on the ballot.

Once a logo concept is decided upon it’ll be refined into a couple of more polished final logos. When we vote on those we’ll finally be ready to make and send out the various reward items.

Icon Option 1

Icon Option 2

Icon Option 3

Icon Option 4

Icon Option 5

Icon Option 6

Icon Option 7

Icon Option 8

Icon Option 9

Icon Option 10

Icon Option 11

Icon Option 12

As a side note, I apologize for my absence as of late. I am going to get this project to a releasable state and I hope to be more active in discussions and announcements regarding my progress.

So if you have any ideas please send them our way. If you send us a concept image we’ll include it on the ballot. If you send us a description we’ll see what we can make out of it but can’t guarantee that we’ll include it. Get them to us by June 11th. Otherwise, expect an update on the 12th.

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