Alright, we’ve finally decided upon new dates for icon voting to occur. We’re going to roll it up into the surveys for what sort of reward types you’d like along with all of the pledge tiers. This way we can start to get all of the promised items, the totes, shirts, postcards and certificates all sent out.

So, what we’ll do is give you some of the stuff that we’ve come up with as a base. We more than welcome any ideas you might have, feel free to post them to the forums or email them to us at Any ideas that we get from now until voting will be put on the survey and whichever concept gets the most votes will be fleshed out further by Rachael into a more streamlined icon.

Here’s some of the basic ideas that we’ve come up with. They’re a bit rough, so forgive us; the idea is, after all, to vote on a concept not a finished icon. Rae is continuing to work on some ideas, so hopefully we’ll have a couple more from us, in addition to whatever is submitted, to add to the survey.

Icon Option 1

Icon Option 2

Icon Option 3

Icon Option 4

Icon Option 5

Icon Option 6

Voting will be on the 14th of May. We’ll give the surveys to Kickstarter on that day. I assume they’ll be forwarded on the same day and they’ll show up in whatever email you’ve given Kickstarter.

I’m sorry this has taken so long to get started. These will be the dates that we’ll stick to for the voting.

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