It’s been a stressful week. Lots of non Betwixt things have run through like a herd of rhinos in my china shop of projects. I owe people a demonstration/fleshed out status update and am still working to get something together.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve put together a Dropbox library using their REST interface for saving and loading files. There was an existing JavaScript library but it required that the application keys be placed in the open. I have a sideproject that I’m using to test the file interfaces that I’ll be able to show soon.

I’ve also made progress on parsing vim files. I now have a regular expression that shouldn’t have been nearly so hard to create that splits the files into individual command and calls a different function for each command. This should also be usable for the in buffer command line. The next step is writing a state object for each buffer that the commands modify and finally each command has to be coded as there isn’t a particularly hard and fast rule as to how they must be formed.

Another aspect that I have worked on in yet another set of tests is keyboard input. I should be able to roll this into the actual OpenGL tests to update the text rendered to the screen in short time.

As said, I need a little more time to get a fully fleshed update out. If Sunday cooperates expect it then but otherwise it will be early next week.

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