We’ve been up to a fair amount here at FlamingLunchbox. With Christmas drawing neigh we wanted to give everyone a quick heads up as to where we are. Without further ado:

FlamingLunchbox Website

If you haven’t already noticed, we redid our main site. It was published back in late November early December. We’re pretty excited about the look. It matches our business cards. That’s got to count for something surely.

Science Fiction Tower Power

pythonliving has created her first game. It’s a math game she made originally for her nieces and nephews, but is free for all. Solving simply math problems you can explode spaceships and keep your planet safe from alien invaders. There are many updates to come in the future, and we’ll be letting you know as they come along.

Offti.me Cribbage

There has been a fair amount of work put into the next update for Cribbage. We’re hoping to get it out here in the near future. Expect to see sharing tools, in-game notifications if you opponent has left the game, new tools to access and an updated look to the front page. We’ve got a couple of bugs to look into before we publish the new updates, so expect the update sometime after the Holidays.


Some smaller updates have been made to Curvy in HTML5 to allow for play in IE8 with a plugin download, but the big news is that we’ve started developing Curvy for the iPhone. We’re hoping to get that out soon for everyone to enjoy in the New Year. As this is our first iOS game submission however we are unsure how long the approval process can take.

Kickstarter - aka Betwixt

Voting for the name was complete back in early November, with the winner being Betwixt. We’re starting to work on logo and icon ideas. We’ll be posting them as the various ideas become more finalized. In fact, the next post will be the first idea. We’ll continue posting them until there are enough ideas floating around that we can vote.

Programming progress hit a bit of a block as other projects started to need more attention. We’ve been continuing to work on the commands system to create something that is compatible with the existing set of Vim macros and highlighting definitions. We’ll get you a more in-depth progress report shortly and we’ve got some good open blocks of time for development in the near future as well.

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