As many know, voting for our Kickstarter project took place last week, and the results in! After taking into consideration all of the comments and write in options, we have a winner. We at FlamingLunchbox are pleased to announce the official name of our Kickstarter Open Source project as Betwixt with a total of 13 votes. Thanks to everyone who took part in the voting and forums. Close in the running were other names such as Salsa, WEBedit, Radium and Curie.

Now onto the next part of our project; icon selection. We have started up a forum topic where people can discuss their ideas or images. Please note that we’ll be moderating the images. Our hopes are to start voting on icon options within two weeks, with our poll going out during the US Thanksgiving weekend (see last weekend of November). Once an icon is selected we’ll get started creating and sending out your awesome backer gifts!

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