Voting is now live, albeit more awkward than I’d originally imagined. The interest in the Google Group has been good but not enough of the backers joined so I wasn’t going to ask people to join yet another group: I’m still having to send things through the Kickstarter interface. So a form it is. The link to the forms have been sent out to all who picked the tiers that included voting.

Hopefully we caught all of the names that were brought up. If we get suggestions that look like we might have missed.

Progress Update

It’s been a difficult week to program. On top of other stresses, it seems like everytime I need to reference something the network is down (between sharing the wireless, a router that needs an upgrade and a residential cable modem in a college neighborhood); something about the weather change seems to be giving things issues, though I’ve finally found settings that seem to provide a stable connection.

I’m still plodding along with building a working lexer that can apply Vim’s slightly peculiar approach. I’ve resisted just porting over the Vim code to Javascript as it seems to me that there’s a lot of extra baggage that it would bring. But at the same time trying to build things in a consistent style that will allow for things to be extended in a sensical way makes my brain hurt somedays. I’m getting close, it seems to be working and once I’ve got it done enough to get a screenshot you can bet I’ll be bragging about it here.

Oh, and I’ve integrated Disqus comments into the blog if you click on the entry title.

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