Forum: Discussions have begun! Chatter is now underway regarding what to name this text-editor. There are several suggestions in there, and we would love to hear your ideas. The sooner we have a good collection of name ideas, the sooner we can come to a vote about what to name it. The sooner we can name it the sooner we can work on logos. Please check out the flbox-texteditor at Google Groups to add your two cents on it.

Chat Room: Nothing new to report from the irc. Make sure to stop by if you have a question or just want to see what we’re up to. Join us at, channel: #flaminglunchbox.

Programming: Lots of good work this week. Nothing solid to report at this point, as there is still some testing to be done on it before any comments can be made. We’re still working on font rendering and layout in WebGL. Robey has stumbled into some undocumented interactions from Canvas and WebGL while working on the text rendering. We’ll give you more details about those interactions at a later date.

Next Week: More work with text rendering and layout. We will also be continuing to discuss name ideas in Google Groups.